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Great post on MQMON (support pack)

In a previous post of mine is promised to get back to the details of the new version of the MQMON support pack. That hasn’t happened, as you might have noticed, but luckily someone else has 😉

The a Hursley view on WebSphere MQ blog, has an interesting  post on the HTTP capabilities of the MQMON support pack.


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MQMON 6.0.4 (MO71 support pack) released

I just read about new release of MQMON or MO71: WebSphere MQ for Windows – GUI Administrator that IBM wish calling it.

The support pack can be downloaded from here.

I havn’t had the time to play around with it yet but i definitely will very soon. By looking at the new features one can find:

  • HTTP support
  • Toolbar support

I’ll get back with another post on the subject as soon as I’ve had a chance to test it.

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