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Evolution and Exchange

At work we’re using MS Exchange as our groupware system (as everybody else). I’ve been running Outlook configured to access Exchange over HTTPS for a couple of months, works like a charm.

At home I manage most of my Internet access using a laptop loaded with Kubuntu. I can’t see that I’m to happy about MS Exchange Webaccess running Firefox, the UI is really tied to Internet Explorer. Today I decided to look into the Linux options. I already knew that Evolution had Exchange support but I has always guessed that is was the non HTTP variant of the exchange protocols, obviously I was wrong the Exchange support is actually the HTTP one only.

I’m glad to say that my Evolution – Exchange setup works really good.


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Close Kubuntu and Amarok encounter

Hi and welcome!

Yesterday night I installed Kubuntu 7.04 on an old IBM laptop of mine (from the time IBM laptops were actually from IBM) . Canonical has really done a good work in making the installation process work like a charm. The main reason for setting Kubuntu up was to use the laptop as a HTPC playing audio, recording TV and so forth.

The first thing I tried to get working was mounting a windows share and playing a couple of mp3’s from my library. After adding the required restricted format from the repository I thought I was home safe but Amarok didn’t start no more…

I turned to Google and after a while I found this bug report:

To kill all that has to do with Amarok did it!


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