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Firefox tab groups extension

Hi all,

do you (as I) end up with lots and lots of tabs in Firefox that you dont want to close for any reason? In my case it could be the effect of serious browsing opening new tabs for a lot of links or the fact that Firefox restores you previous sessions and tabs newer get closed at all.

I could really recommend all of you (fitting the above profile) to use the Tab Group extension, it allows you to group tabs into other tabs, making it possible for you to have hundreds of tabs 😉


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The most annoying Firefox add-on ever?

I came across the Tab Effect 1.1 Firefox addon today and wanted to try it based on the reviews on the site. I must say that it’s adds a kind of cool Vista touch to tabbed browsing but it started to annoy me after a couple of minutes bacause of my habit to have lots of tabs open and switching between them quite often.

Cool, but annoying!

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