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New version of RFHUTIL (IH03) supports SSL connections

Today a new release of the IH03: WebSphere Message Broker V6-Message display, test & performance utilities support pack was released (more commonly known as RFHUTIL).

The most interesting and important feature for me in my day to day work was the introcuced SSL capabilities. RFHUTIL now works as you would expect from a native WebSPhere MQ client application, reading the MQSSLKEYR environment variable to locate the keystore.

I used a script like this to connect to a remote queue manager using a server connection channel with a NULL_SHA SSL configuration:

@echo off

set RFHUTIL_HOME=”%cd%”

set HOST=
set PORT=1414

set MQSSLKEYR=C:\ih03\ssl\key



The keystore is named key.kdb and is stored together with stash and the other related files in the c:\ih03\ssl\ folder.

I used these settings in the “Set Connection User Id” dialog (click the Set Conn Id button to open):

IHO3 Set Connection User Id

Be sure to select the correct settings from the Queue Manager Name drop-down list.

This will enable the usage of IH03 in in environments with SSL security requirements, a really good thing!


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