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IS02 in WebSphere MQ clustered environment

In my current assignment I’m architecting “a version two” of my customers corporate ESB.

These core components that make up the actual ESB runtime:

  1. WebSphere Message Broker
  2. WebSphere MQ

As a part of the architectural work I needed to look into the management possibilities of the components. I’ve been working with both WMQ 5.3 and WBIMB 5.0 before but newer the 6.0’s.

What I wanted to do, if possible, was to use the IS02 support pack in favor the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit to administer the broker domains. The Toolkit is based on Eclipse and includes both administration and development capabilities (a huge overhead for pure operational tasks).

The runtime setup as follows (BK=Broker, CM=Configuration Manager, QM=Queue Manager):

  • Server1: BK1/QM1 + CM/QM2
  • Server2: BK2/QM3
  • QM1, QM2 and QM3 is part of Cluster1

Objectives: Use IS02 to connect to CM (through QM2) and administer BK1 and BK2 from Workstation1.


IS02 (v2 – the current one) doesn’t work in a clustered environment (one without XMIT queues and sender/receiver (non-cluster) channels. The senders (QM2 to QM1 and QM2 to QM3) channel is needed on QM2 for the tooling to display the brokers. The receiver corresponding receiver channels are needed to administer the brokers (sending messages basically)

Well, I set up the XMIT’s and channel’s and tried again. The brokers and configuration manager is nicely shown in the IS02 eclipse plugin. You can do the things you can expect like deploying (to multiple execution groups “concurrently”) , starting,  stopping and removing flows etc.

Still some things doesn’t work as expected:

  • Message Set’s can be removed from a broker but that isn’t reflected in the UI (need restart)
  • The configuration to connect to the Configuration Manager vanish the moment the Eclipse environment is restarted.

Based on what I’ve heard at IBM the problems should hopefully be fixed in the upcoming release.


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