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Azureus on (k)ubuntu 7.04

Today I found out about a compability issue when running Azureus on sun java 6. Everything works great until Azureus is not proprly shutdown, when the application starts it tries to bring up a pop-up that say something like “Azureus did not shutdown properly”. The short term fix was to apt-get the java-gcj package and configure Azureus to use that instead of sun’s java 6 setting JAVA_HOME in the Azureus start script (/usr/bin/azureus):


It took a couple of minutes till I realized that it was a really “short term solution”, the download rate decreased significantly (nada zipp null) when using the java-gcj package. So after getting rid of the pop-up I restarted and reconfigured to use sun java again.

The long term solution is to manually download a newer version of the azureus jar file (in my case 2..5.0.4) and replace the existing one /usr/share/java/Azureus2.jar and set the JAVA_HOME back to the sun 6 jvm.  There is a bug reported here.



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